Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lattice Bridge Road - then and now!

Am not talking about history here.
Just wanted to share a picture I shot yesterday.
A walking distance from my home, L.B. Road has lots to it. From small bunk shops to shopping complexes, cinemas, auto showrooms ...
I never had time to walk leisurely on this road just because of the sheer traffic ordeal.
Today, I couldn't help stopping at this board on this furniture hiring place.

The Lattice Bride in Tamil 'பலகை வாராவதி'!
And the subtle changeof 'Nadar' to 'And' ...
Chennai is changing?!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The virgin goddess of Mylapore

I couldn't stop thinking why people should study their mother tongue well.
Do we take it for granted that we all are pundits of our own language?
When the name of the school is flawlessly translated into Tamil, why can't the street name be?

Mundaka kanni amman (the goddess with eyes like lotus petals) becomes one that sounds like virgin Mary in this name board!