Saturday, November 11, 2006

Rasam - the essen(ce)tial south Indian dish

Rasam - this is one which is never omitted in the brunch menu of our family.
And through the week, we have different varieties of rasam. Sometimes, the same variety does not repeat even for a fortnight!
Rasam changes its 'avtar' to suit the accompanying vegetable of the day. If the cereals are used in the vegetable, the rasam goes without it. If it is a 'koottu', the rasam has the extra tangy taste. If the sambhar has a lot of cereals, the rasam becomes 'Mor rasam'
Only one type of rasam not made in our home is 'garlic rasam'. Somehow no one likes it and I have not prepared it in my life so for!
Just last week, I prepared a surprise 'mint rasam'. It got added to the existing varieties now!
I fried a small bunch of mint leaves with two green chillies and two tomatoes. And added the ground mixture of these to the boiling tamarind water with turmeric powder and salt. Added the cooked cereals. Completed it with the usual garnishing of mustard and asafoetida. Just add a few fresh mint leaves and it does wonders!
If anyone has a different variety of rasam, I would like to add to my cook-book!

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