Friday, December 01, 2006


Retirement. . .
I remember my dad, though kept preparing himself for a retired life felt, he was too energetic to retire, on the day of his retirement. At the age of 58!
Yes, people are healthy, energetic and also matured and well experienced in their respective field.
But the mandatory rest, the labour laws enforce on the working class becomes necessary, at least in a country like India, where another set of young and energetic class is waiting for opportunities.
But how does it feel like retiring from the services at the age of 38?Does not sound great, if you think that this is the end of life.
If you think that this is an opportunity to reinvent yourself and bring back the real you in what you do, then retirement at 38 is pretty interesting!
That's what happened to me five years ago. That was a conscious decision to retire. Rather than going into reasons for such an early retirement, it will definitely be interesting, if I share what I did after that!
A single blog post is a very small space though.
On the first day, I listed all my interests.Reviewed what I was doing with them so for. Looked for avenues to pursue a few.
But there was an indirect pressure to keep up the last drawn pay even after retirement.
My first option was investment avenues. After allocating the major portion of the retirement benefits into safe investment schemes, I turned towards the capital market.
The accounting background gave me a fair idea about the markets. I played safe and more than making money, the way the markets behaved everyday really interest you. I was very cautious not to spend more than two hours a day. And the weekends were for learning.
I did a course in designing on the computers. The creative side in me also also fetched me name and rewards. During the spare time I made online cards and sent to all my friends and relatives. (To my ex-colleagues, especially to show them how I spend my time!)
The surfing of the Net, making question papers for the kids who appeared for the Board exams, helping out in their projects ( I bet, it is an enriching experience) - I mean for about 20 kids - not only makes you popular among the kids but also makes the parents look at you with a lot of respect (After all, you lessen their head ache to some extent)
The fourth is to play around with paper and pen! when you start writing, you really find a 'Gnanpeeth' awardee in you waiting to come out.
The fifth is really to give a shape to your thoughts and channelise them, you will find all your dreams come true.
There are a few more ways to keep yourself busy. Just get associated with a like-minded person. I mean with the one who just has the same fire in him / her exactly like you - You will forget that you have a career of 20 years ahead!
The list is longer than what you think it to be. And will interest you if only you also retire at 38!

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