Sunday, June 17, 2007

Magnificent Ther of Tiruvarur

Everything about the temple of Tiruvarur is huge!

The temple itself has three praakarams and houses a number of smaller sannidhis.

The Kamalalayam, the temple tanks is another huge one, where boating for the public is also allowed!
The ther is really huge. It is called the Azhi Ther. Once you see this ther, all other temple thers will look like toys!

It was for the birth anniversary celebrations of Carnatic music trinity, I made trips to this town.
Yes, two trips. One for the Dikshitar Jayanthi in April.
It was then, just this festival and the walk inside the Thyagaraja temple was in a nice and calm atmosphere.
We could just float around the long maada veedhis, Enjoyed tender coconut sessions on the road. The summer was on, but it was not sweaty!

The next trip was in June for the other two composers' birth anniversary celebrations.

The Brahmotsavam at the temple was coincidence. The day we arrived was the most important day of the utsavam - ther.
The weather was sultry. Huge crowd thronged the temple as well as the maada veedhis, where the procession of the ther was on.
But, the sight of the ther at a corner of the maada veedhi from the other side through the temple tank is unforgettable. The huge there which once took a week's time to get back to its shed, now comes back to the temple by the evening. Thanks to BHEL, who have provided hydraulic brakes and a generator push from behind.

The devotees still pull the ther and apply the muttukattai - the manual brakes.

The evening concert by Sikkil Gurucharan, now a popular artiste is well-known in the musical ly starving Tiruvarur too. At a prominent place in the hall were the bronze idols of the trinity decorated with the traditional Tiruvarur garland.

The catch of the day for my camera!

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