Monday, February 11, 2008

The Hindu - Then and now!

A year ago, The Hindu introduced the epaper edition.Registered users could access the paper for a month for free.
During Feb. 2007, the epaper announced subscription rates.

After a year, from Feb. 1, 2008 the subscription rates are revised.
Reduced from Rs. 400 a month to Rs. 150 a month! No explanations, no assigning reasons!

The reasons can be many - increased online advertisements takes care of the cost or the newspaper is aiming at more readers / subscribers or could have realised that the rates are on the higher side . . .

Indian broadsheets are on the spree of driving their subscriptions. On their print editions.
Deccan Chronicle came at Re.1 a day. Now monthly subscriptions at Rs. 50
Business Standard launched a campaign in Chennai.
Now Times of India at Rs. 350 half a year with freebies.
Should The Hindu too send out its marketing team out now?

But world over the newspapers have broken down the subscription module. The Washington Post came out for free. Why did they 'tear down that wall?'

In my personal opinion reading a newspaper online that too the e-replica is a pain. Reading the content in plain html format serves the purpose and less strain to the eyes. I get to see a few newspapers and magazines offer web extras online.
Even the Business Line from the The Hindu Group of Publications!
So, decide now to be or not to be in the subscribers' list!

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Sekhar C K said...

I agree. I too cannot wait for the digital page to load and read the stuff!