Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Advertise your services, dear CA friends!

When it comes to choosing a career, doctors and lawyer may rank better than a CA.
But, ICAI, has been constantly working on better recognition for the Chartered Accountants and so is the ICWAI for the Cost Accountants.
In a recent development, CAs are allowed to advertise their services. This is ahead of of their doctors and lawyer counterparts!

So now, here is a sample advertisement:
Escape from all taxes!
Call XYZ and Company
Experts in arriving at NIL Income Tax
This is going to be ahhh!
But I feel, more than advertising their services, the CAs need to advertise why Chartered Accountancy is a good career to choose, for the benefit of the IT crazy younger generation.
Perhaps the younger generation needs to know that at the end of any business or career, the money earned is to be managed well, the financial plans need to be drawn for the progress of the company and a good management information system (MIS) should be in place to monitor growth and ring the bells when needed!
ICAI gives an overview here.

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