Friday, September 05, 2008

Four months and counting . . .

When I mentioned 'three months' to a friend last month, he smiled at me through the edge of his eyes! I smiled too sheepishly. But the truth is I am counting and will do so, not till the ninth month, but all through my life!
The first month after I took a break from my routine was really tough. I spent most of the time convincing myself of the rest I needed the most at that time. Over three months I am almost back to the routine. Yet, I hesitate to decide on resuming the old time table.
Many things kept me busy all these four months.
I could get the kids' website YOCee a database driven site and could link the bylines of the young authors to their brief profiles.
I could host the student reporter programme for the website just by sitting in front of my computer.
I could get another website up and running for a friend (two?)
But what really brought me back to near normalcy was the Madras Quizzes - the Tamil and the English quiz. Making the presentations / slides and organising the questions, rounds, scoring and playing the stills and videos brought my energy levels back to the original point.
Now, what next, ask my energies!
And am back to blogging!

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