Sunday, May 17, 2009

Senior citizens opt to forego their rights to vote?!

I just had to change the direction of my walk on the day of the Lok Sabha elections in Chennai. Instead of walking towards the right from our road-end, I took a left turn and walked down to Gandhi Nagar.

But it was not that simple for many of the senior citizens here.

For it is more than a walking stretch for them. And crossing the road at the Aavin Park is another they wanted to avoid. My next door 'maami' declared that her single vote does not decide the fate of the country! My another neighbour was waiting to see if any of her friends went by car so that she and her husband could join. But by evening the couple said they didn't vote!

Avvai Home on the Besant Avenue Road was the closest polling booth. But that was not meant for the residents of Karpagam Garden or Padmanabha Nagar. The school is situated in a fairly big campus and could have accommodated the residents of these two areas also.

Adyar Times did mention this in this week's edition (May 17 - 23). But how many votes were not polled due to this reason? Any audit possible so that this can be rectified in the next election at least?

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