Thursday, January 07, 2010

Season's special

If you refer to 'season' in Madras (Chennai), it is the December Music Season.

After a decade of only music concerts during the December season, classical dance was added to the calendar and now it is a huge 'season' of everything related to arts!

I look forward to December every year in Madras. Even when I was living outside Madras due to the career I was in, I missed a very few December seasons. The process of planning 'leave application' and travel used to begin in October and after a rejuvenating season, I went back to work towards the financial year end.

This year the season was more special to me.
Apart from listening to concerts, I filed reviews and reports for The Hindu, the newspaper which covers the season extensively.

Here are a few links to my reviews published in The Hindu:

A set of photographs of concerts I attended during the concert are uploaded here

Additionally, I enjoyed contributing to a website dedicated to Chennai's December season - .

Read my posts for this website here -

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