Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bloggers are very much in business...

Yes, bloggers are! But how long? As long as "the mainstream media is dumbing down with a vengeance and looking to their bottom line rather than people who live at the bottom" they are in business.

"The mass media has historically had one yardstick in deciding what to publish or broadcast - if the issue in question is in the public interest"

"I firmly believe that blogging is not just about having your own online diary or journal. It is much more than that. Many bloggers will tell you of their addiction to blogging that goes well beyond just writing a piece. How many active bloggers can really say they do not start their day looking for reactions to something they wrote the previous day? Or checking if someone has linked to something they've written? "

How true!

But all these 'good words' were spoken in October 2005. After six months, the views are same and still going stronger!

Are you curious to know, from I have read all this??
Read this interesting piece. If possible, you can support them too!

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