Thursday, June 08, 2006

Teamwork works - Part 2

Day 2 at the training.

Yes, the water was ice-cold. The institute follows the system of solar heaters. The weather was chill and so the water.

Today we were on time for breakfast. Many known faces - teachers who were part of the programme we met the previous day.

Both Kathik and I were looking forward to the other 'unknown' group. We swaped our groups and went to the hall.

Fresh morning, fresh team and all were ready for the games.
Interesting moments - when a team had to agree on some issues, because of a team member being a Physics teacher; a team in which it did not strike for one that there is no oxygen in the moon, two teachers, who could not solve a mathematics puzzle, interestingly both from English department and all of the group laughing at a person lablelled to do so. . .

The open minded teachers were rocking.
The management was supportive.
The senior teachers were seen mingling with the new comers.
All good signs of a group of new generation teachers ready to give education a different dimension.
The student community is in safe hands as of now.

But with the rush for technical degrees all to end up in a typical BPO / IT job, I really wonder where one could find good, dedicated teachers for the future generation kids!

We had to quickly pack up after the lunch to catch the train back to the ever hot city Chennai at 2.40pm.

I spent two useful days, this summer. A nice break for me from the exam-result-exam game at home with my son!

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Vincent D' Souza said...

This account makes me jealous.

I too enjoy excursions to unique campuses around the country and believe those of us who are participants, trainers, resource people or teachers / leaders should share info on these perhaps in print on on blogs like these.

For, these are stories we need to share with young people and teachers. That they may use /larn from them.

Recently, at my comfortable nook of stay while in Bangalore, at the UTC ( United Theological College) on Millers Road behind the Cantt. Rly. Stn., a campus that is green , quiet and warm, my host Dr. Joshva, roped me in, as he always does, to talk to a class of 15 theology students.

How could they use media back home in their churches/campuses.

We talked about blackboards embedded on house walls of all the streets of a colony, which could serve as local news spaces.

We talked about converting the church newsletter into a newsletter for the local community, not just of the church.

Ideas that arent from Mars. But certainly ones that we can all share and put into practise!