Friday, September 22, 2006

Marvaellous musical in Museum Theatre

For over a month I was blogging elsewhere.
It was not just blogging. But an experience, a lot of learning, many nice moments and above all a whole lot of trivia about the city we live in!
My posts here will relate to events and experiences more than a month old, for sometime. I could have very much skipped the old stories. But many of the incidents I came across are really worth sharing.

One such is a Children's musical show at the Museum Theatre, Egmore.
For those who have not been to a show in this marvellous auditorium, any amount of words explaining the experience will not be as real as watching a show live there.
The circular hall echoes from all sides and the audio effect of a music or the dialogues of a drama are different from any other modern halls or auditoriums.

Now, let me tell you about the show.

This is a musical show by C.S.I. St. Thomas English Church Children's Choir of Santhome. The story of Samson. A biblical story which portrays Samson as one of the miraculous children with enormous strength. Unfortunately, his enemies discover the secrets of his strength that it lied in his long hair! He undergoes a lot of humiliation and at last regains his strength and brings down the castle of his enemies with his strength.

Like any other mythological story this one also has many versions and interpretations. I am not going to talk about them. But the Children's choir presented it in a different way. It was really amazing!

The singing lot of about 15 children were arranged on a five step choir platform on one side of the stage. The main portion of the stage was used for a theatre performance. As the kids sang the choir, the story moves on with actions by another set of kids. The set was beautiful. The children sang to the pre recorded music, but with perfection. There was a special child in the front row, fully involved in the show. She sang and keenly watched the acting on the other side.

Choir is one among my favourites. When I called up the contact number, I found it was the Church office number. The manager wanted to know to which prayer group I belonged to. When I said I pray at 'temples', he was surprised. So was I at the auditorium. No one other than my son and I was not a Christian!

It is a story. Musical. And by kids! Any one who likes music, story and kids would love to be present there, especially when the show was in a hall like Museum Theatre. Sadly, we did not find many others.
On our way back, we were discussing how any mythological or historical story, irrespective of religion can be told in different ways that will be liked by kids.
The conductor Anila Manoharan worked closely with the kids, I guess. When she was asked to come on stage, the kids expressed their joy - "Anila Auntiee..."
Congrats kids and Anila!

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