Monday, July 03, 2006

Walk your way to health

'Quitting a bad habit is hard. Starting a good habit is harder'

I am introduced to morning walk just a few days ago. My neighbour drives to the beach to walk.

A view from my tiny balcony in the morning shows me people of various ages who are regular walkers.

I decided to go for a walk, but from tomorrow - on everyday morning I renewed my oath.

My painted shoes were lying idle for over a month now. A great doctor friend sent me a link to a website on walking!

The link took me to the page where it said -
'An early morning walk is blessing for the whole day' - Henry David Thoreau.

I do not know who this Thoreau is. But I was inspired by the website dedicated to morning walks!

On a 'next' day morning I woke up to walk. Walking along the Besant Avenue Road was a pleasant experience.

The road which becomes a racing track for the bikers on the weekend evenings, is very quiet in the morings. Of course, a few driving school cars are usually seen at this time on this road.

The green curved road leads to Rajaji Bhavan. On the first day of my morning walk, I could not walk too long a distance but was tempted to have a look at the rising sun.

I took a turn before Rajaji Bhavan and walked towards the beach through the kuppam. The row of small houses immediately after the posh Bungalows bear a different characteristic.

The frontyards are watered. Small but beautiful kolam are drwan in front of all the houses. The morning routine of fetching water goes on.

I reached the dirty part of the Besant Nagar beach. But the sun rise is beautiful even from that part.

I walked back through the Damodarapuram Road ending at The School (KFI) at the Besant Avenue end!

I was tired after walking for more than half an hour. The summer is still on and it is steaming even in the morning.

Yet, the morning walk is wonderful, gives my day a good start. This statement of mine is after walking for about a month now!


R. Balaji said...

-Congratulations on making a habit of a good thing.
-Nice photos.
-Thank you for the interesting link.

RandomThoughts said...

One month is an achievement indeed. All the very best & I'm sure you'll continue 'coz you are enjoying yourself.


Vijay Sappani said...

Geez, Look at Singara Chennai. This is the place, I grew up placing cricket on the streets. Nice photos.