Saturday, May 13, 2006

I got my sole painted!

A follow up of last post.

I said that is was not yet another workshop. It was a different experience.

Vasundhara (see pic- the girl in the green outfit) had organised it well.
The atmosphere was cool (yes, air-cinditioned!), the music inside the room was pleasant, the display of shoes painted by Vasundhara, her cousins and friends was inspiring!

She talked about the philosophy of 'Soul Print'. Spiritual. Yet, this young lady had put her heart and soul into what she was doing.
Her scrap book told us about the extensive research she had done on the designs for shoes. She insisted that we did not copy those designs but drew our own designs.

Well, it was fun all through the three hours.

I only wished there were more kids and young people to encourage her.

I have dispalyed the shoes I painted.

Vasundhara is coming back to conduct another workshop in October. After all the need for educating the under previliged requires perseverance.

If you think that you want to do something for this cause and encourage the younger generation to address such issues, just spread words.

That's all.

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