Sunday, May 07, 2006

Not just another summer workshop. . .

Ever since I started listing the activities for kids, I scan the newspapers from a different angle.
I go through the listings, read articles on special workshops and summer camps. I don't even skip the ads.
One such ad in today's Adyar Times, a neighbourhood newspaper sounded different.
'Paint your sole and touch a soul' - a creative workshop. . . contribute towards education for the under previleged' said the ad.
I have heard that Summer Camps and workshops mint money these days. Some good souls host free camps at the most. But this one made me curious.
And this was enough for me to call the organisers.
I called up the mobile phone number. No answer! I had almost given up gathering more details. But then came the return call. A girl started explaining about what is that 'sole printing' all about with a lot of enthusiasm.
"It's painting on a canvass shoe, the theme matching your personality. If you wear them, it will reveal your personality. This shoe will be a designer one and so will be your exclusive possession"
When I wanted to know more if we have to bring the materials and how much is the charge, she introduced herself as Vasundhara and wanted my introduction.
She has the very pleasing manners, I should say.
Vasundhara is a school student, now in Class 12, living in Adyar but studying in Bangalore staying in hostel. This project is for helping a school in the slum close to Kotturpuram.
She says that her friend's mom is involved in a NGO helping this school. On hearing that they are in need of funds, all Vasundhara could do was to think of something useful with her love for arts. Thus born was the workshop.
Here is a teenager, who thinks about the society, the under previleged children and the ways to extend a helping hand.
I appreciate her spirit. Vasundhara is a student, who has taken up arts. Not in the rat race of so called 'professional' streams. But she has the heart. The mind to think of ways.
I would also like to congratulate her parents. Nurturing is more important than seeding.

The workshop is for two days on May 10 and 11 and is open to all. The fee charged is Rs. 600 inclusive of cost of materials. (And she must have foregone one participant's fee for the ad in the newspaper!)

I will be a part of this little girl's mission. Anyone wanting to join me can call Vasundhara at 24490225. And see you at the workshop!

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