Monday, May 01, 2006

Typically IITians!

An open confession : This is a post unduly delayed!

'May you be tough as a rock' - a quote from Rig Veda introduces the new political party of the 'educated' India to you. You guessed it right - I am talking about Lok Paritran.
The party is busy as the assembly elections in Tamil Nadu are almost a fortnight away. Every college kid talks about the party and takes part in the rallies and campaigns organised by the party. The 'bike rally' on May 1, attracted many such kids!
It is really a good sign that people of Tamil Nadu have felt the necessity of change in the system. And to see the 'learned lots' don't mind standing in the queue to get their names to the voters list, is heart warming.
When I was reading the interview with a few members of the party in The Hindu, I just could not stop relating their words with their educational background.
1. Their website is another page of 'online learning'. Have a look at the diagram and explanations about each line of their slogan in their 'philosophy' page!
2. To a question about their chances to win - Santhanagopal Vasudev says, "... But all I can say is there is a chance of winning." Tanmay Rajpurohit seconds it in the IITians' language - "
There is a non-zero probability" Now it is time every voter knew about the 'probability axioms'!
3. To a question on the decision about the constituencies they fight, Tanmay again puts forth all the statistics -
"There's been an 18 per cent to 20 per cent drop. In Mylapore, last election the voter turnout fell from 59.4 (in 1996) to 41.6 and in Chepauk, the voter turnout fell from 58 per cent to 42 per cent." - Just short of explaining statistical variabiliy!
4. They promise good governance, tranparency, accessibility and freedom from coruption. But commented "we don'r have a clean delivery system." Hope they were not talking about Nuclear weapon delivery systems!
5. They have confessed that their technical knowledge is not going to be of much use. But I suggest that they update their website at least once a week with the help of volunteers. After all they have a host of youngsters working for them. A few of the 'mentally strong - physically weak' can be deployed in a air-conditioned computer rooms instead of biking for the party in the hot summer, which is always worse than the previous year. Their 'Upcoming events' page is last updated on Feb. 5!
6. About the resources they have, here is what they say -"
Tanmay: We have about 2,000 volunteers and 750 members. There are 1,116 streets in Mylapore. If we allot 10 streets for groups of two, we can easily cover it pretty soon." Worth taking a tutorial on Permutations and combinations!
Am sure, Sudhish Kamath would have smiled all through the interview with these 'Davids'. (though he had tough time managing - mark isuak, who kept commenting to his post of April 15!!!)
But I would definitely agree with these youths that RDB (I have not seen Yuva.) is badly conceived and one can't see a movie and go out to float a party - Typical IITians' roar of laughter at the end of the interview!

About the first line - I am an ardent lover of Marie Corelli's works and it is borrowed from the title of her book - An open confession to a man from a woman - published posthumously in 1925!


kausikram krishnasayee said...

looks like i am becoming more and more popular in blogosphere :|

Maiji said...

Sure, their knowledge of technology is of no use in politics; and their calculations and ratio of members per street are precise. But they could benefit from some lessons on active campaigning - The party members just left a flier in my residence and left, when our house was open and three potential voters waiting to make their choice. One of us who had earlier decided to vote for their candidate, now has second thoughts.