Thursday, April 20, 2006

Season of many things in Chennai

It is now the season of many things in Chennai, that is Madras.
First of all, it is summer and the 'Madras heat' is known all over. Everyone here wants to escape to a cooler place. But, for many who have been out of their hometown, this is the season to visit their moms, dads, sisters and brothers!
Secondly, it is the season of 'summer camps' for kids in the city. This is an 'industry' of recent origin!
Every playschool has a 'summer camp'. Every playground has a summer sports camp. Every music school has a 'thematic summer camp'.
The cyber cafe's have also joined the race. Sify along with a NGO conducts 'infotainment' camps across the city - arts & craft classes combined with hands on training on computers.
Many women, otherwise home-makers have one to offer. These include table manners and etiquette classes. Perhaps, they are trained by their own experiences with their kids at home.
Some camps include teaching kolam, help yourself sessions (like folding clothes, sandwich making, etc) and look at the variety of activities for kids!
Are the kids really interested in attending these camps? Do they like to learn something even during holidays?
The kids are hesitant to talk about this, for fear of 'reflections' from their moms!
But a mother tells me - otherwise they watch TV all the time, with a cupful of snacks! These camps keep them active for three hours and they come back home to have lunch and rest and the evenings are for outing with parents!
Good idea indeed!
I started blogging on what the kids of Chennai 'can do, dine, play and participate'. But the popular summer camps have become an important part in the life of a school-goer during the vacation and I started listing them, unconsciously. . .
But, it is demanding, I tell you! When I look at the number of google searches through the blog, it is unbelievable that so many parents are looking for one camp or the other for the kids!
And the number of summer camps listed in local editions of newspapers and the mails I receive from people hosting the camps are too many to fit in one post.
I am thinking of reorganising the post! After all summer camps are on till first week of June!
An unusual one - Summer camp for the senior citizens!
Chinmaya Mission is organising one - 'The art of graceful ageing'. Some financial planning is also taught with spiritual text reading. Good work there!
Interested senior citizens or sons and daughters of senior citizens can call 044-28360546 for details.
When you are looking for something useful for your kid, why not for your parents?

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