Friday, April 07, 2006

Self assessment for career planning

The word 'career' plays an important role in everyone's day to day life.
The first question one faces after having a hand-shake with exchange of names - What are you? No matter at whatever level you are in - a fresher or in mid-career or an established business person. If you are able to say what you are with a smile and without hesitation, you are on the right track.
For the firm hand-shake and the confidence reflecting on your eyes, the career you are in, should give you pride and satisfaction. And you will have pride and satisfaction only if you have a passion for what you are doing!
Sounds boring? Yet, read on...
Do you have that passion?
Have you done any self assessment of what you can do?
Have you ever reviewed what you have been doing so far?

Just sit back and relax.. Think of a few things in the order I narrate. And tell me if I was correct!
Take a few inventories:
First is Interest inventory. Just list down what all you like doing. How much ever silly it may be. Let it be just jogging or a challenging computer programming. And end it with what you will never like to do. Look at the list and read aloud. Wow... are you interested in so many things? You never knew it!

Second is the skill inventory. Think of all that you are very good at. Write down even what you are average at. Drawing, teaching, writing even googling! At the end of the list go back to item number 1. Run your eyes down. Oh.. are you capable of doing all these things? You never realised it.

Your personality comes next. You can close your eyes and think. Are you an introvert? A bit sensitive? Like to be out going, but still wondering how to be? How do you approach issues? Think of various events that took place in your life and how you managed them. You might recollect having solved a difficult situation in school or at home, in a very innovative way!

The last one is really important. It is value inventory. Perhaps the list you have so far made, will get cut down considerably. Ask questions like, why do you want to be this? Can you be true to your conscience by doing this? What is the value of wealth in your life? Is your career worth your values - I mean does your organisation have those values which you respect?

Now strike off, one by one, which does not have an affirmative reply to your questions. Probably you are now left with two or three options. Now repeat the steps quickly.
You have the answer!
Sometimes you may have passions for many things - music, kids, languages, finance, writing, art & crafts, travel, books, culture & heritage. . .(like me!) Just choose one as career, a few as freelancing, a few more as honorary contributions and the rest as hobbies!
You should have the strength in you to do many things at a time!
Remember the Tamil poet Subramanya Bharati's definition of Shakthi - strength in one of his long poems. Among many lines this one will wake you up - Ennathirukkumeriye shakthi - The fire in your thought is what is called shakthi!!


GB said...

wat u say is true....u will have that pride and confidence only when u have the passion to do wat u r doin....but how many of us have a choice to choose ur passion as a career....sure....u must b able to allot time to pursue ur passion even if it's not ur career....

Padma said...

very true...n by da way nice to know that u write for kutcheribuzz...i wud love to get into it...future is web and web journalism....thnx for visiting my blog....