Monday, April 03, 2006

Gravitate towards Physics

For the students in Class 11 and 12, the spate of tests, examinations does not make life miserable. But they are part of their life. Especially, the scene in Chennai is an accepted one among the parents, teachers and the children.
No one complains.
The results of these examination are a few certificates, sometimes prizes.
But the examination conducted by The Physics Society, Chennai was a different one. The kids wrote the test and later called for an 'interview'. The exchange of phone calls between friends who have been selected for the interview brought surprises to the kids.
They were called in groups and three questions were posed to the group. The kids were asked to discuss among themselves and come back to the interviewers and discuss. The discussion was the test.
There was nothing right or wrong. The course of thinking was evaluated!
On the prize distribution day, April 2, the Society asked the kids to come with their parents, teachers. And some came with grandparents. After all, grand parents bear more responsibility at home in these days of both parents working!
Much was talked about present day education system, the need to change, the craze for professional degrees and overseas education.
The 'old students' of Prof. Ananthan, President of The Physics Society spoke about his method of teaching at D.G. Vaishnav College. (The society runs with huge contributions from these old students).
Ravishankar, a young teacher with American International School and the Secretary of The Physics Society was beaming with a lot of quotes, ideas and advices to the kids and schools
Well, for those who thought the function to be yet another prize distribution ceremony, the discussions were enlightening.
Everyone agreed that there is no need to feel that pure science is in no way inferior to technical degrees, that the knowledge of the kid should not be determined by the marks he gets in any exams and entry into IITs and other reputed engg.colleges should not be construed as the ultimate capability of the kids.
But it is all till they had their 'high tea' and left the place!
No one to blame. It is the order of the way. The kids and parents flock together towards an aimless goal!
But I have another point to make. Not about the system of present day education.
But about the values towards their education, friends and the knowledge-sharing.
I remember exchanging books and notes with my classmates; going together to all the classes including Hindi and drawing classes.
But today's kids do not like to share the information with their classmates. They do not want to tell their friend, which book will be useful and from where they are learning. It is like revealing a secret to an enemy!
I used the word - enemy. Yes, because, it is not a competition anymore, but it is a war.
But the war is mainly mooted by the parents.
It is painful.

P.S: For those who want to be a part of the weekly discussions at the Physics Soceity and make their kids gravitate towards Physics - The soceity is at 2A, Golden Kingsmead, 3, TAS Enclave, Anna Nagar, Chennai - 40


GB said...

yes...ur right...the war is mooted by parents n this feeling imbibed in them stays with them till the end....this continues into their life beyond school....very sad...

Anonymous said...

Yes it is true.. the love once I had towards science had faded away..