Monday, January 29, 2007

Amazing kids!

The title would remind us of Pogo Amazing kids!
I happened to see a giant advertisement board near Besant Nagar beach, during the December music season in Chennai. That was about the Amazing kids award by Channel Pogo - the kids' favourite channel!
That was 'Keyboard' Satyanarayanan - the child who is globe-trotting with his western instrument playing Carnatic music!
But, in my opinion, all kids are amazing. In their talents, enthusiasm, curiosity to learn things on their own and even in observing the elders like parents and teachers.
It is the amount of exposure they get or the parents introduce them to.
Yes, for example, introduce a kid to various kinds of music - Carnatic, Western, folk and Hindustani. Take the kid to performances in all the types of music. If possible, introduce them casually to learn the basics of different kinds of music. Watch the kid for a few months.
You would be amazed at the open mindedness of the kid to all types of music. He will listen to melodic Hindustani as well as enjoy a rock concert.
Later he would choose his kind of music to pursue. But will never, never look down on the other types of music!
It's my personal experience!
But, watching the kids a s a group, to do anything - music, dance, drama or just evening time playing in the apartment complex - is just fun.
I happened to be at the anniversary celebrations of a music school, Hamsanadam, run by singer Subha Ganesan. I have seen this school with a board drawn on a hard board with the name written by her students (they were a handful at that time). It was around 1996 - 97.
I could not believe that the school has now about 250 children in various age groups. The senior children presented a set of kirtanas with rich sangatis - typical of Subha Ganesan's school.
The 'kutties' presented beautiful small pieces.
Look at one such group! Aren't they amazing?

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