Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Carnatic spirit lives here!

If you have not got it, here is what it is.
The town is Tiruvaiyaru.
You are right, the famous Thyagaraja Aradhana takes place here every year.
The building seen in this picture is the samadhi of Bangalore Nagarathnam Ammal, who was instrumental in making this festival happen.
The small raised structures in front of the building are the two stages on which musicians pay homage to Saint Thyagaraja during the aradhana.
These platforms are decorated with a backdrop and temporary green room for the musicians to assemble before the concert and align their instruments to sruti.

I am not going to talk much about what happens beyond all these things, at this place, during the aradhana. One has to experience. Some pluses and some minuses. A few people who visit this place during aradhana, share their experience with the world.

The sandy banks of river Cauvery is a beautiful place to just unwind, have a darshan of Thyagaraja and if you can sing or play an instrument, bring it to the place and pay your homage to this saint peacefully!
You will feel good

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