Friday, March 09, 2007

Where were the kids?

It was the release of the book Aditi and her friends take on the Vesuvian Giant by Siniti Namjoshi. The book for kids in the Aditi series.
And the place was Landmark bookstore.
The author explained how she could write for kids, though she is a feminist writer. (Her first book Feminist Fables was published in 1981). She said when she wrote for adults she could be quite savage. But while writing for kids she had to be sober and stay mild.
Though she shared the dais with young Nayantara, who was introduced as an avid reader, one could count the number of kids attended the book release function. A few visitors to the store stayed back for the event. Many were from the media - newspapers and TVs. Some from the publishing house - Tulika Books
But where were the kids?

Perhaps busy preparing for the annual exams!

If extra curricular reading is encouraged in schools, such events should be announced in schools. Such events are to be on the notice board as events for kids.
At least such books should find a place in the school libraries. Reading is fun, if intrioduced the fun way.
Writing is much more fun. Wish a kid could write a review of this book!

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