Saturday, March 03, 2007

Vintage car show at Anna University

The City Express - supplement to the New Indian Express, had something interesting for me - a vintage car rally from the Anna University to MIT Chromepet on Feb. 27

I had also read about the Auto Meet 2007 in the papers. So early in the morning, I biked to the Anna university.
It was nice to see the mechanical engineering students in uniforms. The student organisers were ooking at the few cars parked at the university campus.

The student co-ordinators were seen in a hurry. I thought, perhaps it was already time to ferry the cars to Guindy. But there were only four vintage cars. I was watching the university faculty advising the co-ordinators to call up someone for the cars to arrive at the plac early.

I asked one of the faculty members whether they were waiting for more vintage cars. He said they were on way to Anna University.

I was waiting patiently. After 15 minutes, all the students boarded the college bus. Two students took the bikes that were parked along with the vintage cars. The bikes appeared to have been remodelled ones. In a few minutes all of them left the place. And the four vintage cars followed them.

There were a few newspaper reporters covering the event. But not many public were seen around. I was disappointed. I could only capture these cars at the 'rally'!

This is what our colleges and universities fail to teach the students. The students of the university who organise the techfest Kurukshetra and claimed it to be bigger than IIT - Madras' Shaastra, could have very well organised a simple rally.
The amount of work that goes into publicity and media releases should reflect in a well-organised show. Instead it was taken very casually. There are always people like me who snatch the newspaper in the morning from the paper boy and rush to interesting events.

But, who cares?

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Ram Chander said...

I think it's time you stopped rushing to such events and take care of yourself