Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The art of silence!

Have you come across silence for a whole day in your life?
But, if you feel the 'deafening silence' throughout your life, how would you feel? I mean, if you can't speak or hear anything...
May be we will be fortunate enough to follow Mahatma Gandhi's rules - Hear no evil and speak no evil. But the basic communication we need to do with others will definitely be a little difficult.
Not for Suvedha Ganesh. A class 10 student, Suvedha has turned the time of gossips to productive one.Here is a sample painting she has done.
The colony where she lives (in Perungudi, Chennai), helped her put up a small exhibition of her paintings recently. It's no aristocratic colony, but a lower middle class residential colony. The community hall of the colony was the venue.
A few students caught up with Suvedha after the exhibition and have made a presentation here.

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Karthik Narayan said...

well... like they say, if u cant understand a person's silence, you will never be able to understand their words...