Friday, February 09, 2007

Dream drive, cool sight!

Can you believe that the photo on your right is taken in Chennai city? Not at the outskirt, but at the heart of the city.
I had to reach the Taramani Gate of IIT-Madras from Adyar.
Usually I take the route through L. B Road and at Tiruvanmiyur signal, turn to the right and travel straight and take a left turn and then right. I always felt sad about the condition of the road, where the prestigious Ascendas - the new IT park stands tall. But that is the only route you can reach the other gate of IIT Madras.
This time, my son said he would show me a better road. We set off on the bike.
At the Madhya Kailash signal, my son signalled me to turn to the left and lo! what a beautiful ride it was. The lights on the median were artistic. Some arts on the walls of big compounds. Some green patches and a few small installations!
I decided to stop by on the way back as we were to reach IIT early. And I did. In fact I stopped at three places and started clicking my camera. This is one picture of the few I took.
If you travel through this road look out of the window of your car to your left near Indira Nagar station. You will find this beautiful sight!

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Shyam said...

Fantastic! Amazing to see such a clean, green road in Chennai.