Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Double bill at the temple!

Following Shivaratri, I happened to visit a dance programme at the Kapaleeswarar temple, Mylapore.
Actually it is not just one dance programme, but a series of dances on the day (night) of Shivaratri and the following two days.
Dancers from many places participated in the homage at this temple, on their way to Chidambaram and Thanjavur or on the way back. Dance festivals are held in many Shiva temples in Tamil Nadu during Shivaratri. A day to celebrate the Cosmic Dancer!
When the dance programme was going on at the Navaratri Mandapam, the Goddess also set out for a procession in the Gold 'ther' (Ratham - chariot). As I was watching the dance, I turned to my right and just captured this wonderful sight. My photography skills are just enough to use a camera in its auto mode. Here is the picture!

Inspired by another photographer, I was aiming to capture a very good view of the dance programme too.
The Madapam has a nice front yard with glacier tiles. The dancers enjoy performing at this floor. The reflection of the dancers on the floor creates a wonderful sight.
In all the evening was a beautiful one. What I am giving you here is just a sample.

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