Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Colourful farewell to the chariot!

The Car Festival at the Kapaleeswarar Temple is one which we don't miss to visit.
There is less crowd in the mornings, when the ther starts its procession. The preliminary pooja and the swamy's ascent to the ther are events one should not miss!
What interested me this was a novel idea to introduce the festivities to the younger generation. Kids who enjoy an outing with the parents during the temple festivals, sat down to paint their own ther!
The contest, which Mylapore Times, the neighbourhood newspaper organised for kids attracted the kids on the next day morning, when the ther was still standing tall at its shed, with all decor.
Once the contest was over, the pictures were hung on a clothesline on Sannadhi Street.
Wow! Twenty more thers. All perceptions of young kids!

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