Saturday, April 28, 2007

Kuppamma - Suppamma show!

The story of two sea turtles - Kuppamma and Suppamma - was a unique show.

A puppetry show, in which they told everyting about their survival from hatchlings to young adults who have now returned to the beach of their birth, to lay their own eggs and what the humans do to them.... All in conversation in Tamil.

This event was organised by Naturequest, will be held at the Book Point Auditorium, (Opp. Spencer Plaza) in Chennai.

Dr. Bhanumathi, who runs Pavai Centre for Puppetry gave the intro and demonstrated another nature and environment related story through glove puppets.

The evening was wonderful. The audience looked relaxed and enjoyed the conversation like kids would do!

Yes, where were all the kids of Chennai?

Too busy reading? No. The exams are over!

Busy holidaying? Should be!

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