Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Almanac - update

Long ago I had blogged about the No. 28 Asal Pambu Panchangam.

Recently Raja Krishnaswamy mailed a comment on this:
"I was browsing the internet when I came upon your blog posting on the Pambu Panchangam. Not sure if you are aware, but even the western world uses a Panchangam and there is a popular Almanac sold in the US called the "Farmer's Almanac" published since 1792 which identifies appropriate times to seed, etc.

So there is a very scientific basis to picking the times in the Pambu Panchangam. Check out "
Yes, Raja. I am aware of this. My post was an observation of the age-old almanac trusted by the Tamil population in our country. On a lighter side.
And yes, every system has scientific approach to time, stars, planets and their effects on human life.
Just the humans have to believe!

PS: Sorry for the delayed post. We have been busy with another festival here, which has nothing to do with the traditional festivals that make to the almanac, but we mark it in our calendar!

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