Friday, January 25, 2008


What can a few brown papers, paints, craft papers, poles and strings create?
A lot. With sparkling ideas and a lot of enthusiasm these could create a Kids Community festival.
I received an invite from two bubbly kids to PonGala - a festival for kids and by kids!
Wow, the idea coincided with what I have been trying to do with kids.

The invite said - sacrifice your TV time and join the fun. The giveaways are certificates. Assured prize - lots of fun!

On a quiet morning after the grand Pongal Day, a small colony in Kilpauk came alive with kids in traditional dresses, rangolis, kummi, pot painting, festoon making contest and many more.
Mascots Bhooma and Suri depicting the Mother Earth and Sun god made out of chart papers and bunch of straw, the festival banners made of brown papers decorated the place!

A day of real fun and frolic!

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