Friday, February 03, 2006

"Hottest" blackworm!

The morning newspaper says - the new virus will attack the computers all over the world today! How many of us did not boot the computer on? I had always wondered if booting a system or connecting to internet will open the doors for viruses?
Or should we not open emails with strange extensions? Or no e-mails at all?
In any case, how do the 'intelligent' programmers write these virus programmes and announce the world that it will attack your computer on this day?

And what a name! Kamasutra a.k.a Blackworm! Techtree says that this virus is designed to overwrite all .doc, .xls, .mdb, .mde, .ppt, .pps, .zip, .rar, .pdf, .psd, and .dmp files. Is there any other extension left out? (By the way, Techtree is a good technology e-daily of India. Worth a click)

Though this virus is considered highly dangerous, Symantec says that this is a slow spreading, 'Troy horse' type. (Hey, have you installed Symantec anti virus solutions on to your computer? Have you renewed your subscriptions promptly?)

Anyways, if you are on your computer and is at work, do read this!

Its time to say good night!


Padmaja J said...

I read that the virus Blackworm has been named Blackmal, Nyxem, MyWife and Tearec. Perhaps the Indian version is named romantically! Technically, the virus has infected the PCs on Jan.26 but, the 'Operation Destruction' is programmed for deleting the files on the PCs on every 3rd of the coming months.From the Bullguard discussion Forum I find that there is a free advice on prevention of this virus is available at
If yuor PC is yet to be affected by this "hottest" virus, do read this.

Anonymous said...

its better that v don't open mails with strange extensions.....also some infected mails have the sender's name as one of ur friends or the name of a person whom u haven't mailed in a long time but u have one or two of their mails in ur beware!!!!!!