Saturday, February 18, 2006

Why do I blog?

First of all, I believe that we all have a writer in us. Just lazy to put our thoughts down on a paper.

My paper boy, maid, driver and other helpers are good reporters; story tellers too! Sometimes, there are quotes and references in their conversation. The conversation with my maid usually ends up with her marketing a service. If she is in need of money, she comes out with all creativity. Heard of Alex Tew's million dollar home page?

And each one is different from the other. The same way each write - up displays the talent and creativity of the author. Of late I had started to write for newspapers, websites, but all of them are on specific assignments. Why not write about those things, about which I am fascinated?

It is the itch you get on your palms once you touch your pen and paper to write, rather your keyboard and monitor these days! I am a regular reader of Chip Scanlan's column on Poynter. And here's why he blogs!

It is not really journalism or mass communication that brings one to write. It is the curiosity to share thoughts and get the reflections of the others on what you think. If your forum is restricted to your classmates or your collegues you tend to discuss the same issues again and again on the blogs also. If that's the case, better not to blog!


Suhas P.Veetil said...

Hi Revathi,
What you said is true - There is a writer or a narrator in every one of us. I am quite impressed to notice the way you present things. I am just into this game. I hope I can learn certain things from your reflections!

GB said...

Hi Rev,

Nice to read your views....has shown me a way-out.....though i have been visiting many blogs, i never really thought i could start a blog too....