Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ready to get virally infected?

Preeti Chaturvedi writes in the web exclusive section of Businessworld India, about the viral marketing campaign for the movie Bluffmaster, through India FM. Yes, Viral marketing!
If you are a business management graduate, you could be already familiar with this. If not, read ahead.
Known by different names - undercover marketing, buzz marketing, stealth marketing, guerrilla marketing, this is a kind of marketing technique where the consumer doesn't realise that he is being marketed to.
So, got it? Do you receive unsolicited mails in your inbox? Are you being asked to refer the product or website to your friends? Are you being asked to play flash games online and provide e-mail id at the end? Nothing to worry! You are being marketed to. That's all.
Simple examples are Tupperware parties. But do you know that gmail follows the same technique? Instant messages through MSN, Yahoo! and Google also fall under the same category.
Before you could realise, you are already into it! That's the effect of viral marketing!

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