Saturday, March 04, 2006

Call it Chennai or Madras!

Are you a Madrasi?

A question I was asked in all the places outside Tamil Nadu. Even after six years of renaming the city as Chennai. I personally prefer to call it Madras. But I find many others too!

The clubs still call it Madras - The Madras Club, Madras Boat Club, Madras Gymkhana, Madras Football Association, Madras Cricket Club, Madras Flying Club, . . .

There are a few colleges - Madras Christian College, Madras Medical Mission and the 'Big Brother' - IIT is IIT-Madras!

It is still Madras Bar Association and it is Madras Port Trust.

I am collecting a bunch of these names and I need help. Even if it is Madras Cycle stores and Madras Magazine shop, I would like to have them. But with complete address please!!!

Here is a bonus. If you love to see stamps and post cards on Chennai, click here! (Thanks Balaji)

Thanks friends!


Kaps said...

Chennai is use more by airlines, media and postal organisations.

For the rest, Madras means a whole lot more than Chennai.

Revathi R said...

Hi Kaps

Thanks for visit.
I came across a small, corner shop - Madras Snuff in Vyasarpadi!

R. Balaji said...

Hi Revathi,
After seeing your post I visited the BSNL chennai telephone directory on the Internet. The search resulted in a list with a few hundred names beginning with Madras. (excuse me if you have already done this).
I will tell you if I come across any other interesting name boards with Madras in it.

R. Balaji said...

AND thank you for the link to my blog. Nice of you.

Revathi R said...

Yeah, Balaji, you guessed it right! I saw the BSNL directory. Did you notice, they still list MMDA and we all know that now it is CMDA.

Hmm... lost faith in the directory. So I am gathering the infor personally!

Thanks for the sincere effort. Please continue to search.....:-)

Casement said...

When I said Chennai to my cousin, who has been here in the US for 17 years now, I got some odd looks from her. That's when I knew what difference it makes to ppl who know Madras!

Jaidev said...

I still refer to Madras as Madras - cannot reconcile myself to the name Chennai. Somehow does not evoke the feelings I have for my hometown. I am also indignant about some stupid politician (you know who it is!) deciding to the change the city's name on a whim. To me only the name Madras can evoke the Magic of great city.