Monday, March 06, 2006

There is real money in blogs! Read on . . .

There are zillions of blogs up in the sky! May be more the number of stars!

While each one is trying to earn a buck or two in their own way, Xu Jinglie, the Chinese actor has a problem sharing the money earned through her blog with her host. Thats what happens when an actor starts doing something, even blogging. I wonder why our Kamal Hassans, Madhavans, Revathis and Suhasinis are not doing this!

By the way, there are again zilions of websites cropped up to tell you how to make money through blogs and make their money online!

The Chinese actor Xu Jinglei has started blogging. Just after a hundred days of launching her blog(Chinese), she gets 10 million page views each day. Dear me, thats really huge! The weblog is hosted by The company argues that the entire earnings should belong to them for having hosted it free of cost. But obviously Xu likes to take home her share.

The web reviewers are actively following the dispute. Worldwide, bloggers are supporting Xu. They should, after all their blog will also earn that much money one day! The Senior VP of Sina has supposedly said once about blogs that
blog "has nothing new, it is just personal homepage plus BBS."

Yet this 'personal page with BBS' is amazing space for the writers, rather thinkers. What do you think?


naveen said...

Read ur posts abt RDB... nice,but is tht movie Sooooo bad?? I mean compare it with the recent movies...i feel it is better.. u r rit abt Iqbal... i liked i a lot.. even sunil gavaskar said tht it made him remember his past!! it was really touching.. but 2 say RDB is bad is also not justifiable.. My personal opinion is tht the best film in this decade so far has been Munnabhai MBBS!! By the way, i recommend u 2 c Page 3 and Meine Gandi ko nehi mara!! Fantasic movies.. keep up the good work.. i beleive u must learn how 2 say NO in a more pleasing manner!! Byeee

Revathi R said...

Hi Naveen,
Thanks for your stop at my blog. May be the first half of the movie was good. But I was taken aback by the second half. Somuch blood ended in nothing?! It could have been filmed in a positive way... Thats my opinion

naveen said...

Ya...i 2 agree tht it could have had a better ending!!a more optimistic or hopeful ending!!but thnkx 4 agreeing tht the story conveys a meaning!! tht was the point i wish 2 b made.. anyway...nice posts tht u have..little serious but enjoyable!! Keep up the good work!!