Thursday, March 23, 2006

Search within!

The title of this post will be misleading if I don't make an intro of what is this about!

Of late, I see quite a few people have learnt to be proud of their area, community and neighbourhood. People who are from Saidapet in Chennai and now moved to San Diego are thrilled to meet others from their neighbourhood - not personally, but online.

And number of blogs and web site with 'namma' and 'my' prefixes are on the increase.
A few on history and some others on personal experiences!

When people are away, they start thinking about the goodness of the area they lived in during their school and college days!

The blogs range from Mysore to Pune to Madurai. The one on Madurai is really cool
And on the latest addiction - the orkut community groups, you can find all the suburbs in any city!

I was searching for all corners of Chennai. Mylapore, Triplicane, Nanganallur, Mambalam, Velachery. But what happened to George town, Tiruvottiyur, Washermanpet... As usual the north Madras is lagging behind!

There are also groups at Trivandrum, Patna, Pondicherry and so on. Its good to see people getting together. And think of their old times in their native place.

I wish they shared information about unknown book shops, chat corners, the woman who sells wire baskets and who can help you in packing appalams, podis and all other ready to eat snacks, when you catch a flight to the other side of the globe.

And if the group can do something useful to the community or help their neighbourhood and the younger generation now living there with lots of hopes on the society, nothing like that.


kausikram krishnasayee said...

what you have written is really true, but the thing is , these people arev active in the cyber world alone, if all the people step out of the computer and help their neighbourhood then we truly can be proud of our community.

Viggie said...

Thanks. Really happy to be appreciated for my blog (

The cyber communities are slowly getting into action. Famous blogger Kiruba Shankar's ( posts generated more than Rs.1lakh in a very short period for a poor patient. The Yahoo Coimbatore group is highly active with many of them physically helping out neighbouring villages.