Tuesday, March 14, 2006

E-school bag!

It was not for watching colourful school bags carried by kids, I stopped over at a school.
I had to wait for getting a document attested by the Principal and I happened to watch school bags of different shapes, sizes, colours, patterns . . .
Many were back-bags and back-breaking bags too! A set of kids were moving in a line led by the class teacher to the ground, where parents were waiting to pick them up. Perhaps Class 6 students!
One among them spotted me and smiled. She was waiting for her mom to arrive. The bag looked very cute. "Nice bag, you have," I said. "Thank you, aunty, but you know, the books become shapeless at the end of the term, with this longish bag. It is hanging out of the back so much that it pulls my shoulders down. A horizontal bag like that is better," she pointed to her classmate's bag.
Now, the other girl became curious and came to us. I said, "she says that your bag is nice and comfortable."
"May be the books are neat and clean, but the breadth of the bag is always bigger than that of our shoulders. I always get hurt while getting in to the school bus." She pointed her fingers to another boy's bag. "The longish one with the straps apart and not from the centre of the bag is good."
The boy disagreed. "Even though I carry only 5 books and 7 notebooks, ("Mom counts the books and notebooks in the morning!") it looks like an astronaut's bag. When I sit in the pillion of my mom's bike, it looks as if three are travelling on the bike."
Observing the conversation, a little girl spoke her heart. "Auntie, bags are all bad. We should bring only one notebook to the school. All the books should be on the satellite!"
"Yes, auntie. They should be put on the satellite. Like TV channels, we should skip to the next channel in the next period. A 'remote' should also be there." She smiled at her own idea.
Hey, there she goes! She talked about an electronic revolution innocently.
When we look up to e-mails, do e-shopping, read e-newspapers, why not e-schoolbags?
The idea is wonderful!
Any takers in the blogosphere?


naveen said...

wow!!! wht an idea!! the new generation is just gr8..lets hope tht the future is safe in their hands!! and someday,tht idea may get fulfilled!!nice work...

Unknown said...

hmm.. good idea ...

Thanks for visiting my blog .. :)

Unknown said...

hey revathi! Thanks for your comment on bangalore's transition. yes, every city is changing fast, and not necessarily for the better. we do need to learn from not just mumbai, but cities in europe who've done a wonderful job of preserving their heritage. interesting post on school bags. the day every child has a computer at school and at home is when we will see this prediction come true. thats a long way off. but we can hope and dream!

Anonymous said...

The Dream Became True :)